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01.06.2023 12:23

What is the official name of our country?

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01.06.2023 18:48

the russian federation is the official name of our country

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01.06.2023 18:14
1) look at this drawing. my brother has drawn it. - should be, it is very talented, and it will be the well-known artist.2) it has risen and has lifted the hat which was blown off by a wind. the hat looked awfully. it too.3) by a weekend we have written two examinations, and they were not difficult. should be, they have been calculated on the average pupil.4) as though i would like to go to turkey and to bathe in mediterranean sea! if you wished to go there, you would go there. you do not need to make out the visa.5) where money? - i them did not see. - i have put them on a table half an hour back, - there and look. - but i do not see them.-put on points. - and where my points?
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01.06.2023 02:23
1i used to watch cartoons when i was a child.-я смотрел мультики когда был ребёнком. 2boris used to be my best friend when he lived in this place.-борис был моим лучшим другом когда он жил здесь. 3i used to play tag when i was a child.-я играл в салочки когда был ребёнком. 4i used to mispronounce [r] when i was small.-я не произносил звук "р" когда я был маленьким. 5 when i was a child i used to beleive in tooth fairy.-когда я был ребёнком я верил в существование зубной феи. 1i couldn't get used to my dad's smoking.-я не мог привыкнуть к тому, что папа курил. 2it was difficult for me to get used to wheat porridge.-мне было трудно привыкнуть к манной каше. 3i got used to my school.-я привык к моей школе. 4 i got used to eating vegetables every day.-я привык есть овощи каждый день. 5i got used to this climate.-я привык к этому климату. 1i am used to drink tea with lemon.-я привык пить чай с лимоном. 2i wasn't used to sleep much.-я не привык много спать. 3 i wasn't used to the cold weather.-я не привык к холодной погоде. 4 i wasn't used to spending much time playing computer games.-я не привык проводить много времени, играя в компьютерные игры. 5i was used to getting up early.-мне было привычно вставать рано.
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