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07.12.2022 15:30

.(Откройте скобки, поставив глаголы в present perfekt и перевести предложения. 1.last year he(to write)me

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07.12.2022 18:48

last year he wrote me very often, but this year i have received only one letter from him.

в прошлом году он писал мне часто, но в этом году я получил от него только одно письмо.

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07.12.2022 15:05
1i am resting - i rest  2 they are talking - they talk  3 he is drinking - he drinks  4 she is going - she goes  5 my baby is sleeping - my baby sleeps  6 her son is making noise - her son makes noise  7  jane is not cooking - jane doesn't cook  8 we are not eating now - we don't eat 9 nick is not skaing now - nick doesn't skate  10 you are not working at the moment   - you don't work  11 is she playing now - does she   12 are they having dinner - do they always have   13is billlaughing loudly now? - does bill laugh  14 what is she writing now? - what does she 15 what is he doing now? - what does he do? 16  whom is she waiting now? - whom does she   17 what is john doing now? - what does john 18  what are they eating now? - what do they eat at dinner? 19 why is he still watching tv? - why does he
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07.12.2022 15:05
Ispent the summer vacations very well. after i passed examinations, we with friends went to the country to have a rest. there my friend has a small cottage, we swam in the lake much, sunbathed and rode the boat. to all of us it was very cheerful and we arrived to the city with a set of impressions. then i worked in college, and before academic year i managed to go on a camp site, to descend in city park, to drive through the night city with the friends and to visit a set of different entertaining actions. for study i returned with new forces and mass of remarkable impressions.
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