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25.01.2021 13:50

.(Напиши речення в заперечній формі: we were in ivano-frankivsk last summer. i want to spend my holidays at home. ruslan will go to the zoo on tuesday.).

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25.01.2021 18:48

we were not in ivano-frankivsk last summer.

i do not want to spend my holidays at home.

ruslan won't go to the zoo on sunday

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25.01.2021 13:07
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25.01.2021 08:09

1. These letters were brought by a postman

2. There are many people on the bank of the river

3. I covered the table with a tablecloth

4. He is afraid of dogs

5.  The teacher gave «a five» to me

6. I read a story about a bird

7. «The White Fang» was written by Jack London.

1. This letter was written in English

2. The sun was shining above

our heads, the birds were singing in the tree.

3. Your results depend on your preparation.

4. I have been waiting for you here for 3 hours!

5. We moved to another country because of my new job.

6. There is a lamp  between two armchairs in my room.

7. He sits  in front of a computer every day.


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