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Составить рассказ о животном о кошке . расскажи о ней: кто это, возраст , цвет, что умеет делать

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my favourite domestic animal is a cat. its name is chapa. my cat is very fat and kind. its head isn’t big. its neck is short. its paws are small with big clutches. its  eyes are green and clever. its ears are small.  my cat likes milk and chicken. most of all chapa likes to sleep. i think cats are very careful and clever.

  мое любимое животное – кот. его зовут чапа. мой кот толстый и добрый. у него небольшая голова. его шея короткая. его лапы маленькие с большими когтями. его глаза зеленые и умные. его ушки маленькие. мой кот любит молоко и  цыплят. больше всего чапа любит спать. я думаю, коты аккуратные и умные

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1) " video technician-a century of tube and transistor tvs have gone, and with it disappeared around a tv technician.repair is accomplished by replacement of entire units, so the need for operations such as soldering, watering, replacement of diodes and resistors, completely disappeared. 2)draftsmen is before any plan, diagram or drawing done by people owning specialty draftsman. today, computers have completely replaced people. now meet the man with the paper and the glass. 3)the candle-maker is the people who went in the evening to the cities of europe and lit street fanari. 4)the image maker helps to create an image of a successful person. it defines the type of client based on his figures and faces, picks up the clothes, hair and shoes. 5)marketer (studying the market) conducts market research on the demand for certain products. the main task of the marketer to know the laws of the market to use them for maximum results in your business. 6)creative - creative director of the company, the person who is responsible for the development, maintenance and control of advertising projects. organizational work and contacts with the customer. task creator is very clear and to form all the wishes of customers.
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Jenny: are you doing anything tomorrow evening, helen? helen: no, why? jenny: well, do you fancy going to the cinema? strangers on a plane is on. i want to see it, but i don't want to go alone. helen: ok, i'll come with you. what time will we meet? jenny: well, the film begins at 8.45, so i'll meet you at about 8.30 outside the cinema, ok? helen: fine. i am seeing tina later this evening. i'll ask her if she wants to come too? jenny: yes, do that. i'll see you tomorrow then. bye. helen: jenny and i are going  to the cinema tomorrow night to see strangers on a plane. why don't you come too? tina: i'd love to come. what time does  the film begin? helen: 8.45. tina: are you meeting outside the cinema? helen: yes, at 8.30. is that ok for you? tina: yes, i'll be there at 8.30. mick is watching television when his sister vanessa comes into the room. mick: what are you doing in your dressing-gown? it's only eight o'clock? vanessa: i don't feel well, i am going to have an early night. mick: oh, dear. i hope you'll feel better in the morning. vanessa: so do i. i am meeting my new boss at ten o'clock. mick: i think i'll make some tea when the news finishes. shall i bring  you a cup? vanessa: no, don't bother. i'll try and go straight to sleep. thanks anyway. mick: ok. sleep well. sandy and alison are students who have been sharing a flat. sandy is leaving to do a course abroad. sandy: it's hard saying goodbye after so long.2 alison: yeah. remember to send me your address when you get to the states. sandy: of course. i  probably won't have time next week because my course will start the day after i   arrive, and i am going to  spend the weekend with some friends of my father's. alison: well, you can phone. sandy: ok. i'll phone about three o'clock next sunday. alison: great. steve has decided to learn a language. harry wants to ask him some questions. steve: i've decided to try and learn a foreign language. harry: have you? which language are you going to learn? steve: spanish. harry: are you going to do a course? steve: yes, it is starting next week. harry: that's great. i'm sure you'll enjoy it. steve: i hope so. but i think it'll be quite difficult. tom wants to know about sally's holiday plans. tom: i hear you are going to go on holiday soon. sally: that's right. we are going to go  to finland. tom: i hope you'll have a nice time. sally: thanks. i'll send you a postcard and i'll get in touch with you when i get back.
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