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Диалог на языке покупателя и продавца в продуктовом магазине.(с переводом)

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Shop-assistant : hello . can i help you shopper- yes , please ) i would like some apples sa- what apples would you like : green yellow or red ? shopper - green , please sa- ok , apples are on that end of this shop shopper - thank you продавец : . могу ли я вас покупатель : да ) я бы хотела немного яблок продавец : каких яблок ? желтых , красных или зеленых ? покупатель : зеленых продавец: хорошо . яблоки на том конце этого магазина покупатель :
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Объяснение:1. Present simple and present progressive (настоящее простое и длительное время)

Пример ответа:  1.Does … read?/don’t read/reads


A: 1…(your brother/ like) sport?  yes i very like

B: Yes, he 2…(love) basketball but he 3… (not like) tennis very much. He 4 … (be) in the school basketball team.

C: How often 5… (you go) to the cinema?  

D: My friends and I 6… (go) every Friday.

They 7… (stay) with us this during week.  

She 8…(not write) a book. She is writing an article.  

I 9… (have) lunch.  

Today we 10… (not go) to school, it’s Saturday.

3. How many/much/any money have you won?

4. Is there a/any/an sport centre in your town?

5. How much/many/ some cheese have you got?

3.How much do these bikes cost?

4.What are you doing this evening?

5.Who goes with you?

a. My friend does.

b. I live near Manchester in the north of England.

c. They are quite expensive – about ₤500.

d. I like cycling because it’s so exciting!

e. I am going out with Jake

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dmitri mendeleyev

in 1869 the great russian scientist dmitri mendeleyev announced the discovery of the periodic law of elements. so science received the key to the secrets of matter.

all the greatest discoveries which have been made since then in the fields of chemistry and physics have been based on this law.

the elements in mendeleyevs periodic table follow one another in the order of their atomic weights. they are arranged in periods and groups.

mendeleyev s discovery made it possible for the scientists to find 38 new chemical elements to fill the empty spaces left in the periodic table.

at the same time they tried to find elements heavier than the last element in the periodic table.

in 1955 the american scientist dr. glenn seabord obtained element no 101 and named it mendelevium in honour of the creator of the periodic law. 

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