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25.06.2022 19:08

How long (it ake) you to get to school?

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25.06.2022 18:48

how long does it take   you to get to school?

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25.06.2022 22:34

1) а) the sun is shining brightly

b) sister lives in new york 

c) the birds sing beautiful

2) a) does b) do c) did 

3) a)i was listening to the radio while mary cooked dinner

b)did you buy this book yesterday? (тут же вопрос в предложении? )

c) last friday nick   went home early because he wanted to see a film.

d) the were waiting for her when she finally arrived

4) you will need a visa if you are going to england 

b) you will miss your train

c) she will eat all that.



, но я думаю. что все должы сами все перепроверить. все мы люди и все допускаем ошибки.

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25.06.2022 11:29
My mother didn't cook breakfast yesterday. did your mother cook breakfast yesterday? jim didn't go to the sea last summer. did jim go to the sea last summer? we weren't at school yesterday? were you at school yesterday? she wasn't at her granny's house on weekend. was she at her granny's house on weekend? yesterday she didn't make a salad. did she make a salad yesterday? i didn't hear a noise. it wasn't my cat. did you hear a noise? was it your cat? last sunday mary didn't get up at 10 o'clock. did mary get up at 10 o'clock last sunday? she didn't see mary at school last week. did she see mary at school last week? he can't swim when he was six. can he swim when he was six?
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