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Выберите соответствующую форму. tom and mary live/lives in england. they both work/works in london,

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tom and mary live in england. they both work in london, but they don't live there. mary  works in a hotel and tom drives a taxi. they both enjoy their jobs, because they meet a lot of people. they live in a very nice house, but they want to move. we like our jobs, mary says but we have to travel to london every day. it takes a long time and it costs a lot of money. mary wants to buy a house in london, but houses there cost a lot, too.


here we practise the present simple tense.

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6. the teacher said that pupils shouldn't open their books

7. my friend asked does my father work at a factory

8. tom asked to ann where are her friends

9. he said to me that he has no money

10. nick's grandfather said that nick shouldn't be afraid

11. nell said to her friend that he should return this book in time

12. aunt asked to helen whether she will play the piano today

13. she said that it's so difficult to work

14. dan asked me when do i get up

15. i said that i don't need your help

16. tom said that he wants to help him with his homework

17. the teacher asked why were we late for school last monday

18. she asked whether he go to school every day

19. kate said that people must take care of animals


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i am a versatile person, i want to realize myself in different fields. but i have a favorite activity that brings me the most pleasure. this is drawing. i love to draw nature and come up with my own abstract pictures. mostly i paint, but the abstraction i create with colored pens.

now i plan to learn how to draw portraits. my mom gave me a birthday book about the technique of working on a portrait. and my first work was a portrait of my grandmother. i know that now i am not perfect. however, i want to develop, to polish my skills. after all, the best lesson is that it brings great pleasure


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