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14.02.2023 11:06

Find and correct the mistakes. then write sentences. example mrs brown is old than mrs black.- mrs brown

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14.02.2023 18:48

1. robert is younger than sue.

2. my cousin is taller than my brother.

3. a kitten is smaller than a cat.

4. my father is two years older than my uncle.

5. dogs are better than cats.

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14.02.2023 17:50

The long, hot days of summer WILL end. There WON'T BE much sunshine during the day and the nights WON'T BE warm. The days WILL grow shorter and the air WILL BECOME cooler.

The flowers WILL NOT bloom and the leaves WON'T BE ABLE TO make enough chlorophyll to keep them green. Then the other colours in the leaves WILL begin to show. Leaves WILL become yellow, orange, red and purple and later they WILL drop from the trees.

The season of autumn WILL COME. It WILL LAST for three months. But people WILL NOT stay at home. At weekends they WILL often go for walks in the parks.

Children WOULD like to stay outdoors and play football and other games. They WILL know that winter is on its way, so they WILL NOT want to miss this wonderful time of the year – Autumn.

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14.02.2023 09:14
1. these facts are memorized by someone. 2. a beautiful city was situated on a river. - тут причастие  уже в страдательном залоге. 3. a lot of skyscrapers in new york was built by the people. или 3. many  skyscrapers in new york were built by the people. 4. a little polar bear lived in a city zoo. - имхо, перевести в страдательный нельзя. 5. some endangered species were saved by the people. 6. daisies and pansies are watered by my grandma in her garden. 7. last spring dick was on a tour through australia. -  имхо, перевести в страдательный нельзя. 8. a small island in the middle of a lake was discovered by them.
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